OnlyFax (#3690803)

What are you?

Hi! I am at your service, I deliver pics to your clan.
I am easy to get started. Just send me a monster name which is in my fax network, and I will deliver that monster to your clan's fax machine.
Be aware though that you need a VIP invitation to access the fax machine, and I will need a whitelist to your clan.
If you wish to add a monster to the fax network, give me a clan title with "Source" or "Fax Source" in the name.

I also operate as a Fortune Teller bot in Bonus Adventures from Hell.
Just consult me with the Fortune Teller in the VIP Lounge and I will respond with beer, robin, thin.

Give me some interesting (cached) stats!

Name Count
Source Clans 196
Other Clans 108
Monsters in Source Clans 188
Monsters in Other Clans 15
Faxes Served 22,539

Here's the most requested monsters!

Monster Requested
Knob Goblin Embezzler 12,095
ninja snowman assassin 2,701
Witchess Knight 1,077
mountain man 995
lobsterfrogman 974
ungulith 922
screambat 554
Baa'baa'bu'ran 527
War Frat Mobile Grill Unit 258
Camel's Toe 207

Faxable Monsters

ID Name Command
1176 anesthesiologist bugbear [1176]anesthesiologist bugbear
1183 angry cavebugbear [1183]angry cavebugbear
399 animated nightstand (mahogany combat) [399]animated nightstand (mahogany combat)
407 animated nightstand (mahogany noncombat) [407]animated nightstand (mahogany noncombat)
391 animated nightstand (white combat) [391]animated nightstand (white combat)
406 animated nightstand (white noncombat) [406]animated nightstand (white noncombat)
184 Astronomer [184]Astronomer
354 Astronomer (obsolete) [354]Astronomer (obsolete)
1163 Baa'baa'bu'ran [1163]Baa'baa'bu'ran
2153 basic lihc [2153]basic lihc
548 batwinged gremlin [548]batwinged gremlin
549 batwinged gremlin (tool) [549]batwinged gremlin (tool)
1073 big swarm of ghuol whelps [1073]big swarm of ghuol whelps
665 bizarre construct [665]bizarre construct
671 bizarre construct (translated) [671]bizarre construct (translated)
1967 board games elemental [1967]board games elemental
2254 Brake-Operating Trainbot [2254]Brake-Operating Trainbot
1907 buzzard [1907]buzzard
541 Camel's Toe [541]Camel's Toe
1904 camp cook [1904]camp cook
1913 caugr [1913]caugr
2048 cheerless mime executive [2048]cheerless mime executive
2044 cheerless mime functionary [2044]cheerless mime functionary
2045 cheerless mime scientist [2045]cheerless mime scientist
2046 cheerless mime soldier [2046]cheerless mime soldier
2047 cheerless mime vizier [2047]cheerless mime vizier
626 clingy pirate (female) [626]clingy pirate (female)
627 clingy pirate (male) [627]clingy pirate (male)
1911 coal snake [1911]coal snake
2263 Coal-Shoveling Trainbot [2263]Coal-Shoveling Trainbot
1902 cow cultist [1902]cow cultist
1174 creepy eye-stalk tentacle monster [1174]creepy eye-stalk tentacle monster
2420 Crimbuccaneer bar brawler [2420]Crimbuccaneer bar brawler
2418 Crimbuccaneer barrrback [2418]Crimbuccaneer barrrback
2413 Crimbuccaneer bombjack [2413]Crimbuccaneer bombjack
2432 Crimbuccaneer carpenter [2432]Crimbuccaneer carpenter
2430 Crimbuccaneer freebooter [2430]Crimbuccaneer freebooter
2427 Crimbuccaneer fruit plunderer [2427]Crimbuccaneer fruit plunderer
2419 Crimbuccaneer grognard [2419]Crimbuccaneer grognard
2412 Crimbuccaneer lamplighter [2412]Crimbuccaneer lamplighter
2405 Crimbuccaneer military school dropout [2405]Crimbuccaneer military school dropout
2407 Crimbuccaneer mudlark [2407]Crimbuccaneer mudlark
2406 Crimbuccaneer navigator [2406]Crimbuccaneer navigator
2395 Crimbuccaneer new recruit [2395]Crimbuccaneer new recruit
2436 Crimbuccaneer privateer [2436]Crimbuccaneer privateer
2429 Crimbuccaneer retiree [2429]Crimbuccaneer retiree
2414 Crimbuccaneer rigging rigger [2414]Crimbuccaneer rigging rigger
2431 Crimbuccaneer scrimshander [2431]Crimbuccaneer scrimshander
2408 Crimbuccaneer vice-captain [2408]Crimbuccaneer vice-captain
2428 Crimbuccaneer whalehunter [2428]Crimbuccaneer whalehunter
2076 crypt creeper [2076]crypt creeper
2064 cursed villager [2064]cursed villager
1910 diamondback rattler [1910]diamondback rattler
1071 dirty old lihc [1071]dirty old lihc
2257 Drink-Delivery Trainbot [2257]Drink-Delivery Trainbot
2070 druid plants [2070]druid plants
1899 drunk cowpoke [1899]drunk cowpoke
2433 Elf Guard arctic seal [2433]Elf Guard arctic seal
2434 Elf Guard armorer [2434]Elf Guard armorer
2422 Elf Guard chemist [2422]Elf Guard chemist
2392 Elf Guard conscript [2392]Elf Guard conscript
2393 Elf Guard convict [2393]Elf Guard convict
2424 Elf Guard desserter [2424]Elf Guard desserter
2417 Elf Guard engineer [2417]Elf Guard engineer
2415 Elf Guard fuel courier [2415]Elf Guard fuel courier
2411 Elf Guard general [2411]Elf Guard general
2416 Elf Guard ordnance packer [2416]Elf Guard ordnance packer
2394 Elf Guard private [2394]Elf Guard private
2425 Elf Guard provisioner [2425]Elf Guard provisioner
2435 Elf Guard Red and White Beret [2435]Elf Guard Red and White Beret
2410 Elf Guard requisitions officer [2410]Elf Guard requisitions officer
2421 Elf Guard sanitation officer [2421]Elf Guard sanitation officer
2423 Elf Guard shore leave specialist [2423]Elf Guard shore leave specialist
2426 Elf Guard steward [2426]Elf Guard steward
2409 Elf Guard strategist [2409]Elf Guard strategist
546 erudite gremlin [546]erudite gremlin
547 erudite gremlin (tool) [547]erudite gremlin (tool)
1791 factory overseer (female) [1791]factory overseer (female)
1790 factory overseer (male) [1790]factory overseer (male)
1789 factory worker (female) [1789]factory worker (female)
1792 factory worker (male) [1792]factory worker (male)
2060 fantasy bandit [2060]fantasy bandit
2062 fantasy forest faerie [2062]fantasy forest faerie
2061 fantasy ourk [2061]fantasy ourk
2071 flock of every birds [2071]flock of every birds
1912 frontwinder [1912]frontwinder
1074 giant swarm of ghuol whelps [1074]giant swarm of ghuol whelps
492 Green Ops Soldier [492]Green Ops Soldier
1909 grizzled bear [1909]grizzled bear
1175 grouchy furry monster [1175]grouchy furry monster
1903 hired gun [1903]hired gun
669 hulking construct [669]hulking construct
675 hulking construct (translated) [675]hulking construct (translated)
666 industrious construct [666]industrious construct
672 industrious construct (translated) [672]industrious construct (translated)
398 knight (Snake) [398]knight (Snake)
397 knight (Wolf) [397]knight (Wolf)
530 Knob Goblin Embezzler [530]Knob Goblin Embezzler
529 lobsterfrogman [529]lobsterfrogman
668 lonely construct [668]lonely construct
674 lonely construct (translated) [674]lonely construct (translated)
2258 Luggage-Handling Trainbot [2258]Luggage-Handling Trainbot
664 menacing construct [664]menacing construct
670 menacing construct (translated) [670]menacing construct (translated)
1787 mine overseer (female) [1787]mine overseer (female)
1785 mine overseer (male) [1785]mine overseer (male)
1784 mine worker (female) [1784]mine worker (female)
1786 mine worker (male) [1786]mine worker (male)
753 Mob Penguin goon (2008) [753]Mob Penguin goon (2008)
906 Mob Penguin Goon (2009) [906]Mob Penguin Goon (2009)
1070 modern zmobie [1070]modern zmobie
1916 moomy [1916]moomy
1908 mountain lion [1908]mountain lion
1153 mountain man [1153]mountain man
2043 mouthless murmur [2043]mouthless murmur
1184 N-space Virtual Assistant [1184]N-space Virtual Assistant
338 Ninja Snowman (Chopsticks) [338]Ninja Snowman (Chopsticks)
137 Ninja Snowman (Hilt) [137]Ninja Snowman (Hilt)
100 Ninja Snowman (Mask) [100]Ninja Snowman (Mask)
1185 ninja snowman assassin [1185]ninja snowman assassin
1442 official seal [1442]official seal
1237 oil baron [1237]oil baron
1238 oil cartel [1238]oil cartel
1235 oil slick [1235]oil slick
1236 oil tycoon [1236]oil tycoon
62 Orcish Frat Boy (Music Lover) [62]Orcish Frat Boy (Music Lover)
63 Orcish Frat Boy (Paddler) [63]Orcish Frat Boy (Paddler)
64 Orcish Frat Boy (Pledge) [64]Orcish Frat Boy (Pledge)
2154 party skelteon [2154]party skelteon
2256 Ping-Pong-Playing Trainbot [2256]Ping-Pong-Playing Trainbot
713 possessed wine rack [713]possessed wine rack
454 possessed wine rack (obsolete) [454]possessed wine rack (obsolete)
1592 pterodactyl [1592]pterodactyl
1434 pygmy witch lawyer [1434]pygmy witch lawyer
1914 pyrobove [1914]pyrobove
1521 red skeleton [1521]red skeleton
2074 regular thief [2074]regular thief
1906 restless ghost [1906]restless ghost
1841 Richard X [1841]Richard X
1010 screambat [1010]screambat
2042 silent scream [2042]silent scream
1905 skeletal gunslinger [1905]skeletal gunslinger
714 skeletal sommelier [714]skeletal sommelier
455 skeletal sommelier (obsolete) [455]skeletal sommelier (obsolete)
353 Skinflute [353]Skinflute
2264 Slag-Processing Trainbot [2264]Slag-Processing Trainbot
791 Slime Tube monster [791]Slime Tube monster
1588 space beast [1588]space beast
552 spider gremlin [552]spider gremlin
553 spider gremlin (tool) [553]spider gremlin (tool)
1915 spidercow [1915]spidercow
1456 spirit bedbug [1456]spirit bedbug
1458 spirit faucet [1458]spirit faucet
1457 spirit pea [1457]spirit pea
2065 spooky ghost [2065]spooky ghost
1 spooky vampire [1]spooky vampire
2265 Steam-Routing Trainbot [2265]Steam-Routing Trainbot
1900 surly gambler [1900]surly gambler
2063 swamp monster [2063]swamp monster
1072 swarm of ghuol whelps [1072]swarm of ghuol whelps
2262 Table-Bussing Trainbot [2262]Table-Bussing Trainbot
2260 Table-Waiting Trainbot [2260]Table-Waiting Trainbot
2259 Ticket-Checking Trainbot [2259]Ticket-Checking Trainbot
584 toothless mastiff bitch [584]toothless mastiff bitch
186 toothy sklelton [186]toothy sklelton
667 towering construct [667]towering construct
673 towering construct (translated) [673]towering construct (translated)
2255 Track-Switching Trainbot [2255]Track-Switching Trainbot
356 Trippy Floating Head (Casey Kasem) [356]Trippy Floating Head (Casey Kasem)
357 Trippy Floating Head (Grand Moff Tarkin) [357]Trippy Floating Head (Grand Moff Tarkin)
355 Trippy Floating Head (Mona Lisa) [355]Trippy Floating Head (Mona Lisa)
1932 ungulith [1932]ungulith
550 vegetable gremlin [550]vegetable gremlin
551 vegetable gremlin (tool) [551]vegetable gremlin (tool)
2024 Villainous Minion [2024]Villainous Minion
2041 voiceless whisper [2041]voiceless whisper
1901 wannabe gunslinger [1901]wannabe gunslinger
577 War Frat Mobile Grill Unit [577]War Frat Mobile Grill Unit
489 War Hippy Airborne Commander [489]War Hippy Airborne Commander
1459 Warbear Foot Soldier [1459]Warbear Foot Soldier
2397 wardrobe robot [2397]wardrobe robot
1742 warehouse clerk [1742]warehouse clerk
1740 warehouse guard [1740]warehouse guard
1741 warehouse janitor [1741]warehouse janitor
2261 Wine-Pairing Trainbot [2261]Wine-Pairing Trainbot
1942 Witchess Bishop [1942]Witchess Bishop
1936 Witchess Knight [1936]Witchess Knight
1941 Witchess Witch [1941]Witchess Witch

These remaining monsters are in clans that are not marked as a source clan.

ID Name Command
1595 Adventurer echo [1595]Adventurer echo
1650 ambulatory robo-minecart [1650]ambulatory robo-minecart
1971 Arizona bark scorpion [1971]Arizona bark scorpion
48 beanbat [48]beanbat
1201 Black Crayon Crimbo Elf [1201]Black Crayon Crimbo Elf
34 Brainsweeper [34]Brainsweeper
1943 Cinco de Mayo reveler [1943]Cinco de Mayo reveler
847 clod hopper [847]clod hopper
1974 Eldritch Tentacle [1974]Eldritch Tentacle
1164 four-shadowed mime [1164]four-shadowed mime
1462 Frozen Bag of Tortellini [1462]Frozen Bag of Tortellini
740 Neptune flytrap [740]Neptune flytrap
570 rampaging adding machine [570]rampaging adding machine
437 Ribbon-Cutting Elfborg [437]Ribbon-Cutting Elfborg
1144 swarm of fudgewasps [1144]swarm of fudgewasps

Noteworthy Faxes

ID Name Command


Give me a fax!

Just send the monster name or ID to request a fax.

Your clan title has changed, please check it out

Send me refresh while in the clan.

No no, I want you to check every clan you have access to

Well, this is restricted to a few people which probably doesn't include you.. But send me refresh all!


You're already reading the help, but you do you. Send me help!

I hear you're looking for monsters? How do I add a fax source?

Sure! There's two methods of doing this, the first one is that you have a clan ready with a fax machine that contains a monster.
You're also hopefully aware that the FaxBot expects that monster to always be in the fax machine.

You can add a source clan to my network by adding me to your whitelist with the title containing the word Source, eg Fax Source. Then send me the message refresh. I'll check out your clan and the monster, then add it to the network of source clans.

This differs from the addfax method.

The addfax method is for when you don't have access to the monster itself but still want to add it to the network when someone has the time to do so.

This isn't likely to always be the case, but I sometimes have fax clans that are already set up and just need monsters to be added.

This is done by giving it the clan title Fax Source: M1234 where 1234 is the monster ID. As long as the monster in the fax machine doesn't match the clan title, I will add it to my "looking for" list.

Anyone can add a clan to that list, and anyone can give me a monster I'm missing if its in that list! No need to setup a clan yourself, someone already did it for you!

To send me a monster that I'm looking for, use a portable photocopier on a monster to get a Photocopied monster, then add it to your clan fax machine. Then send me the message addfax run

I will pop into your clan, take your fax then send it to the clan that was looking for the fax. Then I'll thank you! (Literally thank, no physical rewards)

Looking for these monsters

If the faxbot is looking for monsters, they will be listed below.
Remember, you only need to add the fax to a fax machine, then send me addfax run to tell me to come over and pick up the fax to deposit it into the clan that is looking for this monster. You can acquire the fax by using a portable photocopier on the monster in a fight.

ID Name Command
2073 barrow wraith? [2073]barrow wraith?
2072 plywood cultists [2072]plywood cultists
2069 quadfaerie [2069]quadfaerie
1945 Source Agent [1945]Source Agent

Supporting the FaxBot

OnlyFax is run by loathers

OnlyFax is very self sufficient, with only operating costs to pay, but the costs are not much!
We use where you can see our expenses, balance and contributions.
You can also make a contribution, but we're not asking you to.

As for ingame, the bot doesn't need any meat or items to operate so don't worry about it!